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Рынки ЦВЕ Инвестиционный консалтинг

Investment Consulting sp. z o.o.


Investment Consulting is a professional team of international consultants with extensive experience and business relations in Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Russia. Our partners were long-time senior operations managers for successful businesses in Ukraine, Poland and other CEE countries.



The last four years have seen us manage over fifteen strategic projects, including four capital transactions. The Ukrainian success story of such companies as ZELMER and Amica Wronki is based on input from or personal involvement of Investment Consulting's partners.



We have comprehensively managed projects involving introduction of new brands to Ukraine as well as helping Ukrainian partners enter the Polish market. There are no difficult challenges for us. We can advise you on how to succeed in new markets, enter into a strategic alliance, mitigate risks or exit from your investment.


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Doradztwo inwestycyjne na rynkach CEE
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