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Investment Consulting is a fast-growing consultancy providing end-to-end investment and business support services for Central and Eastern European markets, with a focus on Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Russia.


Investment Consulting Sp. z o.o. is a consultancy with expertise in CEE markets. Our experience comes from our long-term practice and the presence of our experts and consultants in those markets. Our people have spent most of their professional lives in Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Russia, working as executives and top managers for reputed global corporations.



As professional international consultants to foreign project owners, we specialise in comprehensive advice and assistance for capital projects. Our core competences are knowledge of CEE market specificities, a broad network of business relations and ability to quickly define support areas for our clients.

We have spent recent years managing a host of projects for Polish firms, launching their products in Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Russia, and setting up their local subsidiaries, offices and sales networks responsible for sales and market expansion. We believe that each project is unique and we draw our knowledge from current market

reports and robust business relations. We have been trusted advisors to many Ukrainian firms which, considering the new geopolitical situation, decided to use Poland as a gateway to EU markets. Our consultants are available for you around the year.


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