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Our competences include broad strategic advice. We offer market reports and analysis based on data from reputed research institutions. We recommend a market entry strategy after we have verified the market and its segments with respect to competition. We provide end-to-end assistance in setting up local subsidiaries, branches and offices (including incorporation and registration for tax and statistical purposes) as well as product certification support. If requested by our clients, we offer recruitment services based on a large database and state-of-the-art analytical tools. We suggest effective organisation structures and highest governance standards for the local companies after incorporation.

We boast a team of consultants with personal relations they have built over the years in Poland, Ukraine and other countries, who are there to help you find responsible and reliable business partners. If requested, we are pleased to conduct due diligence audits to verify potential partners or acquisition targets.


Securing a strategic partner is an increasingly popular practice for both Ukrainian firms in Poland and Polish firms in Ukraine. Despite current economic tensions and instability in Ukraine, we believe now is the right time to form business alliances that can succeed in future.


Investment Consulting's mission is to facilitate business partnerships with synergy behind them that will allow both parties to reap real and long-term financial benefits.




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